Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Not sure where Meghan and Madison's pic went the first time, but here it is :)

And another from our little get together after. The kids were digging the ranch while we were prepping the food. Such cute kids :)


r&lrobbins said...

I haven't seen your kids forever! They are so big. Cute.

Liz - Jess said...

Hey Cari,
I just found you blog on Lindsey's. I'm glad your a blogger! I was wondering how you were doing when I saw you drive by the other day. I'm going to link you!
Liz Prisbrey

Cindy said...

Hey my friend! How was Utah? I don't think I'll make the marathon in January, I'm not training enough. But you should do the one in Feb. in Sadona, Arizona. I heard it was really pretty. I need you to come over and show me how te decorate my blog with music and slides and stuff. Hope to see you soon!!!!

Jonesing for my kiddo's said...

That's ok, I'm having a hard time getting out too. This one looks like fun too...http://www.mountainmanevents.com/sixtunnels.html Maybe we could even start with a 5-10K? Gosh I wish it wasn't so hard to get some kind of training going. I want to just get on Biggest Loser so I HAVE to do it, not like I could find a babysitter for 3 months!! :) UT was good, though I was glad to be home. I hate being gone that long these days. I used to go for a month or longer, now I just get anxious to be home. It looked like Madison's baptism went well (minus the sickies!). Wish we could have been there!!