Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK, so I finally got around to lining up groceries for a pic. Mind you this was my second trip, the first one was a bigger pile and honestly I was exhausted by the time I got home so it just went straight to the cupboard and fridge. The first trip I spent $109 out of pocket and saved $367 (77%, Whoohoo!!) and got food storage supply amounts of Bounty and Downey, soup, fruit snacks, all kinds of yogurt, as well as all the Fiber One products my family will need to keep themselves regular for months :) This trip I saved 75%. I spent $60.50 oop, and saved a whopping $177.12. I got 4 packs of yogurt cups, 4 boxes of Gogurts (these are awesome frozen btw. Cut them in half, push them up and they make a great little snack, and are MUCH less messy this way), 2 boxes of organic whole grain granola, 3 more Fiber One pancake mixes, 4 Minute Maid OJ's, 7 Betty Crocker frostings (anyone needs cupcakes for a bake sale, let me know :), 4 Mega packs of Pampers (though I will have to make a trip to trade the sizes), 2 yoplait adult yogurts :), 6 - family size bags of Green Giant brocolli and cheese, and 2 Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry juices. Yeah, I love saving :)

Thank you for the responses on Caillou btw, good to know I'm not alone out there :)

Have a fabulous day everyone!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

One of those not as up as the usual blog posts :)

So, this is a funny thing to blog but I have to know if I'm the only out here that can't stand Caillou?? I am generally a big fan of the shows on PBS Kids. Super Why, Wordgirl and world, Dragon Tales, Sid the Science Kid, all great shows. Then they have to trash their line-up by throwing this show in. Not like some of that show isn't educational (they just showed how you shear sheep to get wool to spin into yarn) but seriously, does my 4 year old need an example that whines, cries, and pouts (not to mention his name is a little freaky). Sorry if you're a fan, but I've had it in the background for the last 30 minutes and it's driving me crazy!! :)

I guess at least it makes me turn off the tv on my pampered, obsessed, addicted kids :)

On a happier note. I get to go to Albertsons when Roger gets home. I have my 3" stack of coupons all ready to go. Whoo hoo!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!