Friday, January 9, 2009

One of those not as up as the usual blog posts :)

So, this is a funny thing to blog but I have to know if I'm the only out here that can't stand Caillou?? I am generally a big fan of the shows on PBS Kids. Super Why, Wordgirl and world, Dragon Tales, Sid the Science Kid, all great shows. Then they have to trash their line-up by throwing this show in. Not like some of that show isn't educational (they just showed how you shear sheep to get wool to spin into yarn) but seriously, does my 4 year old need an example that whines, cries, and pouts (not to mention his name is a little freaky). Sorry if you're a fan, but I've had it in the background for the last 30 minutes and it's driving me crazy!! :)

I guess at least it makes me turn off the tv on my pampered, obsessed, addicted kids :)

On a happier note. I get to go to Albertsons when Roger gets home. I have my 3" stack of coupons all ready to go. Whoo hoo!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!


Anonymous said...

Ya I dont like that show much either but of course Ryken does. I wish I knew how to coupon.

The Nelsons said...

i HATE HATE HATE that show! it is the most annoying one ever... i make sure to change the channel whenever it comes on- poor Dev doesn't stand a chance. We have enough whining/crying going on around here- who needs to add another obnoxious kid in the mix?! Good post. ;)

Mason clan 5 said...

I totally agree with you. I am lucky and none of my kids like it either.

Liz - Jess said...

I'm right there with you on Calliou! What mom isn't?

How did you do at Albertsons?

Bryan and Moriya Olsen said...

I totally agree about Caillou -I've always thought it was really strange the way he talks like a baby and he's supposedly a big boy (4 or 5)! Strange is an understatement!Ha! Go save some $$$ for me...One of these days I will get with it and start using my coupons. Thanks for making me laugh, today!