Friday, August 19, 2011

Cabin Trip 2011

So thanks to my fabulous sister and sister-in-law I can cut and paste a whole bunch of pic's. As usual our week at the cabin went way too fast. Love that place and the memories it brings back for me and creates for my kids!!

Have I mentioned I love this little man?

My brother in law Jay and his little one Courtney

My sweet niece Lydia

My cousin Arin and her hubby Chris

RaeLeigh catching a glow off the campfire

Who knew Roger's Autobot shirt was reflective?

Nieces Shelby and Lydia

Pretty self explanatory, eh?

Look at all those kids!
And this is not even all of them!

Crazy brother on the far right and a couple of brother in law's. Glad these bad boys got put away before my hubby got there (the motorcycles that is) :)

Motorcycles and crashing them

This doesn't really do justice to the nasty wounds that they really were!


Ben and Taryn said...

I totally copied a picture off of Candice's blog too :)
I just loved that picture of you and Dylan. It really was a good week and thanks again for our Skyline drive. Love ya Cari!

Candice said...

Cari! You blogged! I LOVE it!g